The Lanternist's Library      

Some favourite books & where to get them.


 Magic Lanterns - Derek Greenacre
- 32 pp, 45 b/w illustrations. Reprinted March 1999

An excellent introduction to Magic Lanterns and lantern slides.

visit Derek Greenacre's website A thrill in the Dark



 Magic Images-The Art of Hand-Painted & Photographic Lantern Slides
Ed. Dennis Crompton, David Henry and Stephen Herbert. 96pp (24 in colour), over 300 illustrations, hardback, 1990.
ISBN 0 9510441 1 7.

available from The Magic Lantern society


Servants of Light - The book of the lantern.
Ed. Dennis Crompton, Richard Franklin, Stephen Herbert,
MLS 1997. 96 pages. Some colour illustrations.

available from The Magic Lantern society


Richard Balzer
Hardcover - 160 pages (15 June, 1998)

From the 16th century onward, peep-show boxes provided rich and varied entertainment and education for wide and appreciative audiences in city streets and village squares in Europe, the United States, China and Japan.


   'The Lantern Image - Iconography of the Magic Lantern 1420-1880' by David Robinson, MLS 1993. 300 illustrations some colour; original engravings (mainly before 1880) showing the lantern and its use. ISBN 0 9510441 2 5



 The Lantern Image - Supplement No.1
Compiled by David Robinson. 24pp, 70 illustrations, paperback, 1997.

available from The Magic Lantern society



 Victorian Britain Through the Magic lantern. - Illustrated by Lear's Magical Lantern Slides.
Steve Humphries 176pp, 8pp colour plates, 200 illus in text, brief bibliog.Sidgwick & Jackson, (1989).
Based on Doug & Anita Lear's collection of Victorian slides, the very sharp repro's and informative text provide an interesting social history.

Out of print but well worth looking Find "Victorian Britain Through the Magic lantern" by Steve Humphries on



To Catch a Sunbeam. Victorian reality through the magic lantern G.A.Household and L.M.H. Smith
1979 Michael Joseph,London. 144pp, illus from lantern slides - some in colour.

Live model lantern slides illustrating tales of Temperance & sentimental melodrama.

Out of print Find "To Catch a Sunbeam. Victorian reality through the magic lantern" by G.A.Household on